IT Automation

Zico provides a workflow management solution for the data center. It lets your business automate the creation, monitoring, and deployment of resources in your environment.
We automate your IT operations and standardize best practices to improve operational efficiency. We help your business Automate processes in your data center, regardless of hardware or platform. Connect different systems from different vendors without having to know how to use scripting and programming languages.

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ITIL In A Box ™

We can help your company implement ITIL with our suite of products that streamline business processes and help achieve a culture change. We map your processes and create workflows that enriches ITIL maturity. Our tools can help your company without having to learn difficult tools and offer integration with DISA and other DoD Products.
Our products help your orgnization achieve balance and deliver business value by packaging ITIL stages from Design to CSI, and Processes: from Capacity Management to Request fullfillment all based on C4IM Catalog.

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Enterprise Business Intelligence and ITIL Dashboards that provide Rich Data Visualization of your infrastructure. Our Dashboards bring the most important information from your existing applications to the forefront, allowing your company to keep a finger on the pulse of the business to make high-level decisions in a flash. Allowing your company to keep a finger on the pulse of the business to make high-level decisions in a flash.
Our Protfolio includes: Network Enterprise, Command, Knowldedge Management, Service Delivery and Enterprise Dashboards

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Monitoring and Cyber Tools

Our customized tools integrate with your existing products allowing your staff to be Proactive instead of Reactive. Helping your organization meet its SLA and OLAs. Measure and improve your company’s service availability and security posture.
Our producsts integrate with Cisco VPN, DISA STIGs, Microsoft, BMC, Spectrum, Juniper and more
These tools helped existing DoD organziations pass DIACAP, RMF and CCRI inspections.

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DoD Program Managed Systems

Our Tools elimiate the need for your team to manually compute data or analyze reports, which allows us to maximize our efficiency, decrease the rate of human error, and allocate our time to more demanding issues. With ease, we can perform a wide variety of menial tasks by using one of our innovative applications.
These products are built for TRADOC, IMCOM, AMC, NETCOM and can be implemented at Enterprise to provide substantial cost savings.

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DoD Training Systems

Customized training systems for military units integrates with orders and ATARS Provides customized grading, rosters, counseling, in-processing, out-processing, Opreps, APFT, and more. These DoD products are secure using CAC authentication, Data at Rest procedures and are PII compliant. These systems are role based from Platoon to Brigade Level, from directorate to MACOM. Products inlcude Complete reporting modules that allows the units to conduct statistical analysis with preconfigured reports, and ability to conduct ad-hoc queries.

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